CLIENT: Medium Boards

BRIEF: Lifestyle photography and Video for product launch advertising.

CHALLENGE: Include personality while illustrating how to use the background board using real people on-location. Lighting and style of photo and video had to match.

SUCCESS: We were so fortunate to have a big beautiful window in a gorgeous loft in Deep Ellum. This added benefit changed my shot list for the day. The plan was all lay flats. But the close crops of the board created two issues for me. It didn’t show the entire board, which was the product we were selling - and it eliminated people from the shot. The daylight streaming from the windows, mixed with a kino video light for fill, were perfect for lifestyle images and product shots.

With such a beautiful space I grabbed the founders and directed their actions for the afternoon. The final images show off the product and how to use it.

(Styling: Alethea Creatives. Photo Tech: Natalie Pence)