CLIENT: Independent Dallas Financial Services, Amanda M.

BRIEF: Lifestyle photography for personal branding and passion project

CHALLENGE: Capture relaxed images, on-location, of a camera-shy accountant and her two pups.

SUCCESS: I captured Amanda, relaxed at home with her dogs. The locations within her home helped share her passions for home decorating, cooking, and her pets.

Before the shoot we discussed her goal for the photo session, her design aesthetic and her personality so I could understand the type of lighting and style of shots that would work best for her. The web designer had requested 10 images, but the project wasn't at a point to offer specific shots and cropping.

Amanda appreciates a well-designed space, Magnolia magazine, cooking, and her dogs. I set up visual scenarios to visually tell these parts of her story to her clients.

Despite the sunshine pouring through the windows, studio lighting was used in each photograph. I balanced the ambient light with soft studio lights to ensure all images match and look daylit.