CLIENT: Aphrodite & Antoinette, women’s fashion boutique

BRIEF: Personality driven on-figure photography for e-commerce and social media

CHALLENGE: Translate new brand direction into photography using real bloggers and models.

SUCCESS: Brittany, the CMO for the business, wanted to elevate the brand imagery. We talked through their previous styles to discover what had and hadn’t worked in the past. To help communicate the vision we put together a style guide and outlined the company personality. I then used this information to guide how I directed the models and bloggers. The words we settled on were playful, stylish, polished, youthful and confident.

Transitioning from ideas and words on paper to actual images that fit the plan was an exciting experience for the executives. Seeing the shoot concept brought to life helped them understand the new brand direction - and in a way, the direction came to life on set. We went on to complete 5 additional seasonal campaigns together.