The Importance of Play

Photo/Creative Direction: Jami Clayman Model: Carmine Rose Hair and Makeup: Ashley Nicole Colbert

Photo/Creative Direction: Jami Clayman Model: Carmine Rose Hair and Makeup: Ashley Nicole Colbert

Last night I created my July 4th grocery list. The menu includes burgers, green beans and grilled corner followed by apple cobbler. In preparations of taking the day off tomorrow I’m zeroing in on my main project, finishing my next promotional mailer.

Yesterday I included this image in the mailer, and it’s one of my favorites. The colors are bold, the sun is bright, and the floral border ties it all together. The photo started with that visor - found on a random Target run - when I saw it I just new it would create interesting patterns of blue on the face. The matching bright red top completed the pop of color.

Photographing people at high noon presents fun light challenges. I’ll schedule tests during this time because I like the hard light and shadows. Colors are vibrant, the skin glows, and the eyes are filled with light. The light conditions are perfect for playing.

This image is from a test shoot with Carmine and Nicole. After shooting indoors in the studio we ended the day outside. I wanted the sunlight to stream through the visor and cast a blue hue on her face. I say this regularly on set - let’s see what happens! This was one of those occasions. The effect could be cool, or ugly - seeing the idea through was the only way to find out.

It took different angles to find the right mix of blue to compliment and not over power her face, but I’m happy with the final result.

The floral border is heavily influenced by the florals and over-the-top styling in Dolce & Gabbana campaigns. I love the bold colors that compliment the clothing, and the end result is playful.

That’s my sweet spot on set, finding avenues to play. Sometimes that means finding a few minutes during the shoot day to be unconventional and see what happens - embracing the possibility of complete failure with the anticipation for success.

Other times this means going through the process of rejecting standard concepts and ways of implementing concepts before drawing up the final shot list. By writing out everything we don’t want to do it clears the palette, gets all of the expected shots out of our system, and makes way for play, creativity and fresh ideas.