B2B and Breath

This morning a B2B client called. Their big client needs me to turn around photography for a last minute online offering. My first reaction is to go all in and fix the problem NOW. My priority is to make my client look amazing to her B2B client. Immediate response is a big part of how I accomplish that.

We went back and forth on how we were going to manage this new job in the midst of current jobs. Schedules were shared and solutions were found. I hung up the phone feeling energized. And tense. My breath was shallow and my shoulders were hunched.

Our creative world is full of last minute changes. The rush is part of the fun, but when we operate without paying attention to our breathing, it can become shallow leading to knots in our shoulders, headaches and reactive thinking. None of these help me operate in a creative space.

I took a minute to do a round of 4-7-8 breathing to calm my excitement. Now I’m ready to tackle some issues and make my client look like a rockstar. You can learn about 4-7-8 here from Dr. Weill’s. Scroll halfway down the page.

Jami ClaymanComment