Preproduction: Staying true to your vision

Losing yourself on Instagram

Key words to add:

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Creating inspiration boards to share ideas with team members, clients and managers is a double edged sword. They are needed to represent an idea in meetings for approval, or to make sure everyone is on the same page. When searching for examples to Pin or screen shot it’s easy to travel down the rabbit hole of comparison.

Gregory Heisler’s words, as posted here by Chase Jarvis, hit home for me. He talks about how he stays true to his vision by being himself and not filling his head with other photographer’s images. It’s a strong reminder of the importance of doing the leg work on the idea before scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest, or Google search results. Doing the work keeps your ideas front and center so you can keep your voice in the approval stage.

Have a listen to Gregory Heisler’s quote below. I have it saved to remind myself to stay focused on why I’m searching Instagram and Pinterest - that my reasons are to communicate exact ideas instead of leaning to heavily on others for inspiration.