Work Edit: Shadows, light and color

These images were taken early on in my fore into product photography - they are the gateway pieces. Prior to this commission I focused on fashion lifestyle for fashion boutiques and real people videos for a makeup company based in Denton. When this lash stockist contacted me about creative product photography for her business, I was on board from the get go.

Her personality matches her branding - bright and vibrant. She embraced shadows and wanted to play with color and light. Sign me up! At the time she wanted to spend her budget on photography and editing and she didn’t have the budget for a stylist. Her website was attractive and her social feed showed that she had an eye for product layouts. After sharing Pinterest boards for concepts, I pointed her to colored posterboard and asked her to group her product into shots and create a starting layout for each design.

Figuring out where to start is the most time consuming, but I knew that I could work with lines and angles and deliver fun and creative product photography for her business if she got us started.

makeup product photography.jpg

What I loved about working with this business owner was that she was open to fun lighting and experimentation. My favorite shot included the lash mister shown below on the right. The pink paper and shadows turn the product into art - and this is what I enjoy about working with clients. Taking safe and more obvious shots, and then working with light to create something fun and new.

For this session we were tight on time - most likely not a session I would book in the same way today. 4 years later, I now work with stylists on set to help collaborate on designs, make sure product names are perfectly aligned (which they aren’t in some of these images), and have help ensuring products are free of finger prints. These tiny details elevate a shoot and the end product and are worth the investment on shoot day.

Even though they aren’t perfect, I still love them because they illustrate my style and what I offer clients. I enjoy taking a concept and boosting it with a creative team to create work we are all proud of. It’s a joy to elevate a client’s advertising product photography that combines their brand personality and product. It makes it much more fun for customers to shop, purchase, and return.

Creative small business branding photography using products
makeup product photography on pink and purple.jpg