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Gravel made me do it

I’ve stuck with gravel because of what I thought it would do for my mental strength in addition to having fun a small portion of the time.  I wasn’t counting on the added leg strength helping on dirt.  And it rocks.  At least right now it rocks while I’m eating cookies on the couch writing this caption. 

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Birthday Ride at Northshore in Flower Mound

Was this a training ride? It sure felt like it. We booked it up and down the hills at the park, and down the roads on the way home. Honestly, I think any time on the bike right now for me is training if it leaves me tired and my legs a little sore. We finished our ride with a detour to the local beer store - I told Dave that my bike bag was merely a coincidence, and that no I hadn’t thought about the beer store before our ride.

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