Gravel made me do it

We’ve had cookies and beer in the house the past two days.  How delicious.  My belly has been happy.  My confidence for my fitness and ability to fit into my new (and smaller) bike shorts has, however, waned.


I completely SURPRISED myself today when I still fit into my shorts (yay!). Then I proceeded to ride the east side of NS faster than usual and in a higher gear.  A higher gear people.  The entire time.  Without gasping.  It was awesome.


Since NS has been closed I’ve spent time on gravel.  30% of the time it’s fun.  70% of the time it sucks.  My legs are slow, I consistently choose the wrong tire pressure making me even slower, and I’m always the last person on group rides. But today the suffering on gravel paid off on dirt. 


I’ve stuck with gravel because of what I thought it would do for my mental strength in addition to having fun a small portion of the time.  I wasn’t counting on the added leg strength helping on dirt.  And it rocks.  At least right now it rocks while I’m eating cookies on the couch writing this caption.  It’s going to be not so fun the next time I ride gravel, but I now have proof that the pain is leading somewhere good.