Doin’ it for the 'gram, or for the miles?


Pastel shades of pinks and purples flooded the sky. Sunbeams glinted off building corners and brought the Dallas skyline to life. The white expanse of the Margaret Hunthill bridge color shifted over our heads as we rode our bikes through the levees.

I’d show you that photo, and a half dozen others if I hadn’t been riding with Team Spinistry on a training gravel ride. The rough gravel kept my hands on the bars and the camera in my jersey pocket. The photographer in me wanted to stop - a lot. The Sky. Was. Awesome. But - I make a promise to myself during rides, vacations, fun outings, really anything, because I always have at least one camera with me. I have to choose a priority.

What’s most important, ____________ or ___________. In this case, what’s most important, having stronger legs OR getting that photo? This priority check can work in other situations as well - play around with it when you face an internal dilemma. It works with ice cream and road rage, too.

In this case I chose to get better on my bike and let my eyes and brain enjoy the light show. My photographer brain thought the choice sucked. The night was visually perfect. Okay, maybe my legs weren’t too happy either, but I was there to do the thing, ride the ride, and push through in order to not be so slow on my bike.

After the first lap the group rode onto the pedestrian bridge to check out the skyline and I had a moment to catch the tail end of the sunset on camera. But just a moment because the group was riding on. The next lap was starting. I clicked on my night lights and continued my ride.

The sun sets over the Commerce Street Pedestrian bridge.

The sun sets over the Commerce Street Pedestrian bridge.