Jami Mari Clayman

Walk into your next meeting with images you can’t wait to share.

Hi, I’m Jami - a commercial photographer in Dallas. My super power is getting inside client’s heads and transforming ideas on paper into photographs and creative content.

If the idea of pulling a photography shoot together is taking up more mental energy than you have to spare, don’t sweat it. I’m here for you. Personalized service and collaboration is how we do things around here.


What’s Your Story?

Every project starts with a story, and I want to hear about what makes you and your business thrive. You are the reason customers love you and your business. Once I understand that, the pieces of the project fall into place.

Getting started is as easy as sharing your brand book or mood board with me.


Dream BIG!

With 15 years of on-set experience I’m ready for wherever your imagination takes you. I can work with your creative team, or my team and I can do the heavy lifting:

Preproduction: This is where we refine ideas, create shot lists, and schedule the shoot day. We can assist for part of prepro, or all of it.

Production: It takes a village to execute: professional talent, make-up and hair, stylists, giraffe wranglers. We know who to call.

Post-Production: I’ll deliver files to your team according to your specs. We can also keep editing in-house, partner with other artists and deliver on-time.

I’m just a click or a call away: 214-668-1517


All the Stills and Motion!

Photography and video can play nicely together. Let’s talk through wants vs. needs and develop a plan. I’m well-versed in capturing both, and I’ll make sure quality (and sanity) aren’t compromised.

Already know your deadline date? We can start with the end and work backwards.


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